Blooming flowers

Once walking down the valley,
I dreamt myself floating on the clouds
Looking down on the beauty that god has created
Thinking how fast itís all become a reality!

I floated past a green meadow,
And I saw the animals that grazed gracefully
I saw the big trees that screamed how great the world is,
But most of all I saw the blooming flowers that remind me of how beautiful
the world is.

I floated past the bossy cities,
They that pout and pour smoke through their gray caps
They that impose their existence on other people,
But I smile as I think of how god made it all possible.

I floated past the quiet country,
I saw the streams that murmured by; praising god with every flow
I saw the butterflies that fluttered by to show their beauty to the world
But most of all the blooming flowers that remind me of how beautiful life is.

I floated past the holy church,
I watched a little child that prayed beside,
I saw an aged priest that knelt beside the altar
But most of all, the cross that reminds me of how much god loves me.

                                                                            Shiny Kuriakose

                                                                              Reg No. 561


The World from a Railway Carriage

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,

Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches,


And charging along like troops in a battle,

All through the meadows the horse and cattle,


All of the sights of the hill and the plain,

Fly as thick as driving rain,


And ever again, in the wink of an eye,

Painted stations whistle by,


Here is the child who clambers and scrambles,

All by himself and grathing brambles,


Here is a tramp who stands and gazes,

And there is the green for stringing the daisies.


                                                                                     Jeffin Toms Jacob


                                                                                 Reg No. 862


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