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Harvest festival 2015 and Sunday School Golden Jubilee closing ceremony will be held on Friday, 16th Oct. 2015 at Al Jeel Al Jadeed School, Hawally. The highlight of this year’s Harvest festival is the blessed presence and participation of our spiritual father, HH Baselios Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan.

The day-long event from 8:00 am showcasing variety entertainment programs by Sunday school children as well as renowned cine artists/ playback singers from Kerala will surely be an enticing experience for us.

The colorful procession welcoming HH Bhava Thirumeni & other dignitaries by the Sunday School children is going to be one of the highlights of the event. In the public meeting, along with HH Bhava Thirumni and our Diocesan Bishop, eminent personalities are expected to attend.

Children’s variety programs will continue until the stage is handed over to cine star Ms. Ramya Nambeesan & team for their mesmerizing musical extravaganza.
Food stalls managed by Prayer Groups, Marthamariam Samajam, MGOCSM & other Charitable Organizations, open from the morning, serving home-made ethnic delicious dishes of Kerala, that are either forgotten or not so familiar to the new generation, are sure to whet the palate of each one of us.
MGOCSM children are organizing stalls to engage the younger generation with games and fun activities. Raffle draws, American auction etc., are also planned for the day.

Early bird raffle draws are open for those who deposit the coupons until 9:00 am. Special early bird coupons will be distributed to all the Sunday School children in Kuwait (irrespective of the Sunday Schools) arriving between 8:00 am and 9:00 am to select winners for three Lenovo tablets and ten (10) Childrens Bible (“Make your own Bible”) autographed by His Holiness.

Sunday School Golden Jubilee Celebrations – Closing ceremony

The year-long Golden Jubilee celebrations of OSSAE and St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Maha Edavaka Sunday School, that was inaugurated by HG Mathews Mar Theodosius, Metropolitan of Idukki Diocese on 21st Nov. 2014, will come to a close on 16th Oct. 2015, when HH Bava Thirumeni officially inaugurate the Closing ceremony of the Golden Jubilee followed by lowering of the Golden Jubilee flag.

The following programs were held as part of Golden Jubilee celebrations:-

• Inaugural meeting in which
Golden Jubilee Logo, Flag, Medellion and Theme song were released.

• ‘General Principles of Teaching’
(Class for teachers by HG. Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius)

• ‘How to take an effective class based on the psychology & age group of students’
(Class for teachers by Prof. Mary Mathew)

• ‘How to make your class memorable to your students’.
(Class for teachers by Shibu Alex)

• ‘Value Education’
(Class for senior students by Prof. Mary Mathew)

• ‘Let Children Come to Me’
(for children by HG Dr. Yakoub Mar Irenios)

• ‘The Ministry of Teaching’
(Class for Teachers by HG Dr. Yakoub Mar Irenios)

• ‘Teaching made easy’
(Class for Teachers by Fr. Mathai Edayanal Cor-Episcopa)

• Sunday School Alumni Meet
(forming the first Alumni in Malankara Orthodox Church. Meeting presided over by HG Dr. Yakoub Mar Irenios)

• Personality & Career Development Class
(for SS students for all Orthodox Parishes by Dr. Biju Jacob IA&AS, Auditor General of Kerala)

• How to raise a blessed generation
(Class for parents by Dr. Biju Jacob IA&AS, Auditor General of Kerala)

Other programs planned until Golden Jubilee closing ceremony are:-

 Inter Sunday School Competitions
(for Sunday School students of all Orthodox parishes)

 Alumni Inauguration
(by HH Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan)

 Golden Jubilee Scholarship
(inauguration of scholarship for the financially weak bright students)

 Golden Jubilee Kaleidoscope
(a magazine of the Sunday School children)

 ‘Make your own Bible’
(Releasing of a Special bible for children in coordination with Bible Society of the Middle East)

 Golden Jubilee Reference Book
(Releasing of a Reference Book about of the rich history of our Church & Sunday School)

 Golden Jubilee Medallion
(Releasing of Golden Jubilee Medallion)

 Honoring Sunday School teachers
(who have completed 25 years of teaching)

 Honoring other dignitaries including ex-Headmasters and senior most ex-Vicar

 Prize distribution for competitions held (inter-Sunday School, design of Logo, Flag, Medallion, Coupon and Song)

The Reference Book with the history of 360 years of Malankara Orthodox Sunday School, 50 years of OSSAE as well as our Sunday School is going to be beneficial for the new generation in getting to know our Church and its history in the right perspective.

Diocesan Bishop, Director Generals of OSSAE and OKR, Vicars, Headmasters and teachers of other Sunday Schools in Kuwait are expected to attend the Golden Jubilee closing function along with local dignitaries and diplomats.

The Golden Jubilee Committee extend its heartfelt thanks to the Vicars, office bearers and members of all Orthodox parishes in Kuwait who have extended their whole hearted support to make the programs successful and request continued support for the remaining programs/ projects as well.

All the parish members are requested to attend the programs with family from the beginning and re vitalize our life in this desert land.


Sunday School Golden Jubilee Programme 2015

Sunday School Students, who are interested to participate SS Golden Jubilee Programmes, which is scheduled to be held on 16th October 2015 are requested to register their names here. Students can register their names either for Mass Drill (maximum 115 students) or programmes. Please register your names at the earliest. More details will be published by Golden Jubilee/ Harvest Festival programme committee.

SS Golden Jubilee Programme Registration for Students


SS Golden Jubilee Forthcoming Schedules

  • Convenors and joint convenors meeting to discuss about various activities of GJC is scheduled on Tuesday 16th December at NECK after the Holy Qurbana.

  • Meeting of convnors and Joint convenors with Thirumeni on 29th December at Abassiya parsonage at 7 PM.

  • Teachers training on Thursday 1st January 2015 from 5 PM to 9PM at St.George Chapel, Abbassiya. Classes will be taken by HG Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius, Prof. Mary Mathew, General Secretary,Akhila Malankara Marthamaria Samajam and Mr Shibu Alex, Sunday School teacher. All teachers are requested to attend.

  • Sunday School Alumni Meet with Thirumeni on 2nd January at 11.30 AM at St. George Chapel Abassiya.All Sunday School Alumni members are requested to attend.

  • Releasing of Golden Jubilee lucky draw coupon on 9th January 2015 at NECK by His Grace Joseph Mar Dionysius.

SS Golden Jubilee Raffle Draw Coupon Design Competition

Rules and Regulations

Theme of the design.

RGolden Jubilee of OSSAE and our Sunday School
Golden Jubilee logo and flag to be included in the coupon
Application and Eligibility Criteria
St.Gregorios Indian Orthodox Maha Edavaka, registered members and dependents are eligible to take part in the competition.
Design must be high resolution with minimum 300 DPI and in four colors.
The design must be printed on a A4 size (210mm x 297mm) white paper and submitted together with the original CD.
The design must be original creation, without any infringement of copyright.
Each participant can submit a maximum of three different designs.
Please submit your design to Mr. Kurian Varghese or Mr. John Joseph on or before 20th December 2014.
Adjudication will be based on creativity, style, thematic presentation, color matching, layout and artistic appeal


It has been decided to hold the following competitions among the members of the parish with the theme "Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Orthodox Syrian Sunday School Association of The East (OSSAE) and St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Maha Edavaka Sunday School"
  1. Logo and flag design . Logo  will be displayed on the inauguration day and the flag will be hoisted as part of the inauguration.
  2.  Golden Jubilee song to be sung on inauguration day and on other celebration days 
  3. Design of a 50 year medal (memento) in golden color  to be distributed free to all the parish members (one per family) as well as to all the invitees as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
The designs shall be submitted to the Publicity Convener Mr. Johny Kunnil Mob.99440328 Email:jkunnil@hotmail.com or to the Joint Convener Mr. Anish Thomas Mob.65646200 Email:anishthomasmpa@gmail.com.

Best designs will be given attractive prizes.

Last date for submission is 17th October Friday.

OSSAE & SS Golden Jubilee 2014-15
S.No. Position Name Mobile# eMail Id
1 Vicar and Chairman Fr. Raju Thomas 65161350 vicar@iocq8.org
2 Associate Vicar and Vice-Chairman Fr. Reji C. Varughese 66942888 asstvicar@iocq8.org
3 Parish Trustee Saji Mathew 97244157 sajisuji@yahoo.com
4 Parish Secretary Sabu Alias 99567618 sabualias@hotmail.com
5 General Convenor P. C. George 99839738 pcgeorgekwt@yahoo.com
6 Joint Convenor Lalu Jacob 99546979 lalujacob@gmail.com
7 Sunday School Headmaster Kurien Varghese 99621264 kurienvengal@gmail.com
8 Sunday School Treasurer Philips John 99548878 philipsj@hotmail.com
9 Sunday School Secretary Cixil Mathews Chacko 94099006 cizilmathews@yahoo.com
S.No. Position Name Mobile# eMail Id
1a General Convenor P. C. George 99839738 pcgeorgekwt@yahoo.com
1b Joint Convenor Lalu Jacob 99546979 lalujacob@gmail.com
2a Finance - Convenor Kurien Varghese 99621264 kurienvengal@gmail.com
2b Finance - Joint Convenor John P Joseph 67060703 john.dasco@marafiegroup.com
3a Program - Convenor Deepak Alex 97572759 deepak604459@yahoo.com
3b Program - Joint Convenor John P. Abraham 99524623 johnpabraham@gmail.com
4a Sponsorship / Prizes - Convenor Sabu T. George 66384300 georgesabu55@gmail.com
4b Sponsorship / Prizes - Joint Convenor Philips John 99548878 philipsj@hotmail.com
5a Reception - Convenor Shaji Abraham 99856714 shaji_a@hotmail.com
5b Reception - Joint Convenor John George 66604227 jgeorge1969@hotmail.com
6a Alumni Meet - Convenor Suresh Elias Thomas 97765995 sureshet@ieee.org
6b Alumni Meet - Joint Convenor Shiney Sara Joji 94963125 shineyjoji@rediffmail.com
7a Reference Book / Souvenir - Convenor Sabu Alias 99567618 sabualias@hotmail.com
7b Reference Book / Souvenir - Joint Convenor Mathai T Varghese 50712282 mathai_joy@yahoo.com
8a Coupon Sales - Convenor Samuel Chacko 66516255 samuelchacko68@yahoo.com
8b Coupon Sales - Joint Convenor Shaji Thankachan 97540973 shajichunakkara@gmail.com
9a Transportation - Convenor C. T. Jacob 99619071 jacobchakolil@yahoo.co.in
9b Transportation - Joint Convenor Jubin P. Oommen 97626764 jubinpoommen@hotmail.com
10a Accommodation - Convenor Thankachan V. M. 99566201 vm.mavilayil@hotmail.com
10b Accommodation - Joint Convenor Sandeep John Pulickal 99663879 sandeepulickal@gmail.com
11a Suppliment - Gulf Manorama - Convenor Jerry John Koshy 97542844 jerry.mavelikara@hotmail.com
11b Suppliment - Gulf Manorama - Joint Convenor Deep John 60069715 deepmsgs@gmail.com
12a Facilities - Convenor Varghese Joseph 66131488 shajipadachira@yahoo.co.in
12b Facilities - Joint Convenor Jacob Roy 66508109 rinukylm@gmail.com
13a Stage & Sound - Convenor Vinod Thomas 99629915 vinodthom@yahoo.co.in
13b Stage & Sound - Joint Convenor Shaji George 94459104 shajikachirackal@hotmail.com
14a Food - Convenor Giji John Madukkamoottil 99753802 giji@hotmail.com
14b Food - Joint Convenor Sam Kunjoonju 66863097 samkunjoonju@gmail.com
15a Publicity - Convenor Johney Kunnil 99440328 jkunnil@hotmail.com
15b Publicity - Joint Convenor Anish Thomas 65646200 anishthomasmpa@gmail.com
16a Volunteers - Convenor Shaiju Kurian 99594221 shaijukk@hotmail.com
16b Volunteers - Joint Convenor Rajesh P. Varughese 99417739 sinyrajesh@yahoo.co.in
17a Kaleidoscope  Convener Shibu P. Alex 99742503 shibualex@hotmail.com
17b Kaleidoscope  Joint Convener Jojy Jacob 97379962 jjacob301@gmail.com