Greeting in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

THE glorious resurrection and ascension of our Lord is source of energy to all of us. It gives us the strength to live, worship and praise, especially when we face tribulations. The age that we live in is of performances and drama. But when we look at the early Christian life and faith, things were different there. The Apostles and Disciples of Christ took the faith very seriously. They were able to proclaim the ‘Good News’ with vigor and confidence. They could do it while in limitations. The difficult journeys never carried them away from their mission. Apostle like St. Thomas could make it to India and other parts in the east only because of his strong faith in Jesus.

Many a times we may think how did they do it? To spread light on the topic, let us read the gospel according to St. John chapter 21. There we read about the appearance of Jesus to his disciples near Lake Tiberius. This delightful event is filled with the divine presence as Christ stands on the lonely Lakeshore in the light of dawn. The apostles see a stranger, but John, the, prophet, recognizes Christ. This is what exactly we should do, RECOGNIZE HIM. We live in a society where we fall into wrong thoughts, wrong aims and wrong decisions and all these wrongs pave way to wrong company and forgetting our mission. Due to it we forget the duty that Christ entrusted to us, ‘Go and preach’. The divine presence of Christ is always there but we fail to recognize Him. The energy that the apostles had was love for Christ. They utilized it for spreading the truth, the message about Christ. Their love for Christ was transformed to mission.

WHEN we commemorate the Dukhrono of St. Thomas, let us learn to gain the faith he had, the love he had for Christ and though it let us recognize Christ’s presence in our life. Let us spread the love of Christ through our deeds, words and thoughts. He is always with us. Let His resurrection and ascension bring a great energy to us. Let us take charge of the apostolic work: to bring everyone to the love of Christ. 

Blessings and prayers

In His service


† Fr. Cherian Joseph (Delhi)

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