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Mango Pickle Preparation for Good Friday 2019


MMS Handing Over 2019-2020

MMS Annual Conference 2018-19

MMS Breakfast Sale 2018-19
Office Bearers & Committee Members 2018-19

MMS members with Bava.

MMS members with our Diocese Thirumeni

MMS Trustee handing over the Charity for Makodia project

Special Recognition by Thirumeni to Mariamma Thomas for being active member under the category of Super Senior (76yrs)

Orthodox Maha Sangamam 2018

MMS Christmas 2018 Group Song Team


MMS Stall - Harvest Festival 2018

MMS Vanitha Dinam Woman's Day (Dhyuthi 2018) held on August 11 2018


Good Friday Pickle Preparation

MMS One Day Conference Photos (Held at St. George Chapel Abbassiya on 25th Feb)



Group photo of  the MMS Members - 2015-2016

Album - MMS Handing Over 2016-17
Album - MMS Annual Conference held on Feb 27, 2016
MMS - Harvest Festival 2015 photos
MMS - Catholicose Reception Oct 2015 photos
MMS  Handing Over 2015
MMS Annual Conference 2015
MMS Christmas Programme 2014
MMS Harvest Festival 2014
Retreat Led by Rev. Fr. John Chacko, Thirumoolapuram on 6th Sept 2014
Mrs. Sujamma Thomas receiving prizes for the competitions conducted by Akhila Malankara Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam.

Essay Competition - 2nd prize
Poetry Competition - 3rd prize

Poem written by Mrs.Sujamma Thomas, Zonal Secretary of Marth Mariam Samajam who had secured the third prize in the poetry competition conducted by Akhila Malankara Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam in connection with the publication of "Ashta Dashathi" souvenier.

Martha Maria Samajam 2013 Handing Over Photos
Martha Maria Samajam 2012 Photos
Photo Gallery
Photos of MMS Common Monthly Prayer Meeting held at NECK on 19.04.2012


MMS Annual Conference held on March 16th, 2012 at St George Chapel Abbassiya.

Farewell to Geetha Cheriyan on 15-12-2011


Rev. Geevarghese Ramban attending the Marthamariam Samajam Meeting on 31st October, 2011 at St. George Chapel, Abbassiya.
Marthamariam Samajam Seminar held on 7th November, 2011 at Ahmadi.
HH Catholicose Paulose II in Marthamariam Samajam Common Meeting held on 10th November, 2011, at NECK.
Marthamariam Samajam at Harvest Festival held on 11th November, 2011 at Jeel Al Jadeed School, Hawally.