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Harvest Festival 2019

Harvest Festival of our Parish will be held on Friday 4th October, 2019 at Indian Central School- Jleeb. Harvest Festival Committee invites active participation of all Parish members to make this event a grand success. We solicit your immense support by promoting the Raffle Coupon Sale, sourcing commercial & personal advertisements for the Souvenir and securing Sponsorship for the Fest. Also, requesting your earnest Prayers for this mega event. Further updates will be available in due course.

Raffle Coupon Release of Harvest Festival 2019 and First coupon sale held on Friday 17th May 2019 at NECK and All Other Parish Chapels after the Holy Qurbana.

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The Raffle Coupon designed by Mrs. Sherin Elizebeth Mani, was selected as the Harvest Festival Coupon Design for 2019,

Hearty Congratulation to Mrs. Sherin Elizebeth Mani.

Dear Beloved Parish member,

Please be informed that Raffle Coupon Release of Harvest Festival 2019 and First coupon sale will be held on Friday 17th May at NECK and All Other Parish Chapels after the Holy Qurbana. All Parish members are kindly requested to attend this function. We earnestly request your prayers and support for the grand success of this years Harvest Festival.

Best regards
Shaiju Kurian
General Convenor - Harvest Festival 2019

Harvest Festival 2019 Coupon Design Competition.
(Exclusively for registered church members & family.)

HF2019 Committee invites Harvest Festival Raffle Coupon Designs from parish members. Those who wish to submit their designs, please email to HF General Convener Mr. Shaiju Kurian (99594221), hf2019@iocq8.org or submit to church counter on or before May 10th 2019.

Shaiju Kurian
General Convener
Tel: 965 99594221
Email: hf2019@iocq8.org

Rules and Regulations

Theme of the design.

Relevant to our traditional Harvest Festival, Heritage and culture of India and Kuwait.

Application and Eligibility Criteria

         St.Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church (Maha Edavaka), registered members and dependents are eligible to take part in the competition.

         Design must be high resolution with minimum 300 DPI and in four colors.

         The design must be printed on a A4 size (210mm x 297mm) white paper and submitted together with the original CD.

         The design must be original creation, without any infringement of copyright.

         Each participant can submit a maximum of three different designs.

         Please submit your design to the General Convener / Coupon Convener on or before 10th May 2019.

Adjudication will be based on creativity, style, thematic presentation, color matching, layout and artistic appeal

Announcement of Results:

  • The results of the competitions will be announced on our website.

  • The decisions of the Judging Panels on the results of the competition are final.

  • The Harvest Festival Committee reserve the right to make modification/changes on the design selected.


Dear Beloved Parish Member,

Please be informed that the first General Meeting of the Harvest Festival 2019 will be held at St. George Chapel, Abbassiya on Saturday 27th April 2019 at 7.45 PM. Various sub-committees, Conveners and Joint Conveners for the smooth functioning of Harvest Festival will be selected in this meeting.

Parish Managing Committee Members, Prayer Group Secretaries, Office Bearers of Spiritual & Charitable Organizations and all interested Parish Members are requested to attend this Meeting.

With sincere regards,

For Harvest Festival 2019
Shaiju Kurian,
General Convener
Mob: 9959 4221


Executive Committee
Rev. Fr. Jacob Thomas Vicar / President 66942888
Rev. Fr. Giju George Associate Vicar 65161350
Mr. Mohnish P. George Hon. Trustee 99765952
Mr. Giji John Maudkkamoottil Hon. Secretary 99753802
Mr. Shaiju Kurian General Convener 99594221
Mr. John George Jt. General Convener 66604227
Mr. Babu Varghese Ex officio 99871009
Mr. Thomas Kuruvilla Convener 66018315
Mr. Jacob V. Job Jt. Convener 99532827
Mr. Alex George MC Representative 99758669
Mr. Jerry John Koshy Convener 97542844
Mr. Binu Beniyam Jt. Convener 66564607
Mr. Dilip Mathew John MC Representative 99553562
Reception & Campaign
Mr. Kurian Varghese Convener 99621264
Mr. Shaji Abraham Jt. Convener 99856714
Mr. Sabu Alias Jt. Convener 66018315
Mr. K.M. Chacko  MC Representative 66586186
Mr. Shaji Varghese Convener 99409530
Mr. Shiju John Jt. Convener 66899448
Mr. P.K. Varghese Jt. Convener 99865611
Mr. Naveen Kurain Thomas MC Representative 97255662
Mr. Chacko Cherian MC Representative 97226634
Coupon Sales
Mr. Manoj Thomas Convener 66940658
Mr. Anil Varghese Convener 67728617
Mr. Samkutty George Jt. Convener 99542997
Mr. Samuel Chacko Jt. Convener 66516255
Mr. Reju Chandy Jt. Convener 99863985
Mr. Alwin Jerald Lewis Jt. Convener 50296962
Mrs. Saramma Johns Jt. Convener 66933741
Mr. Satheesh Baby MC Representative 69002010
Mr. Thomas Mathew MC Representative 66272052
Mr. Varghese Joseph MC Representative 99625831
Mr. Thomas Joy MC Representative 50349409
Mr. Tony Joseph Convener 97262276
Mr. Tibu Varghese Jt. Convener 50406025
Mr. Sam Ittoop Jt. Convener 98004644
Mr. Jibu Jacob Mathew MC Representative 94453370
Mr. James Peter MC Representative 55318899
Mr. Biju Thomas Convener 99461537
Mr. Thomas George  Jt. Convener 66843337
Mr. Vinod Thomas Jt. Convener 99629915
Mr. Sam Kunjunju Jt. Convener 66863092
Mrs. Saji Thomas Jt. Convener 97669606
Mrs. Susan Thomas Jt. Convener 66937399
Mr. Mathew M. Joseph MC Representative 66142666
Ladies Wing 
Mrs. Elizabeth Mathew Convener 60672647
Mrs. Sreeba Vinod Jt. Convener 97659093
Mstr. Aaron Anil Convener 97695540
Ms. Nayana Elsa Varghese Jt. Convener 66819446
Mr. Jubin P. Oommen MC Representative 97626764
Mr. Jinu Chandy Thomas MC Representative 66391825
Facilities Management
Mr. Roy Abraham Convener 66613587
Mr. Varghese Mathew Jt. Convener 97500383
Mr. Geevarghese Joseph MC Representative 90042457
Mr. Laji N. Issac MC Representative 66575025
Light & Sound 
Mr. Biju George Convener 66387935
Mr. Robin Thomas Jt. Convener 97474567
Mr. Thomas Panicker MC Representative 66874635
Mr. Shaji George Convener 94459104
Mr. Sajimon Thomas Jt. Convener 55171743
Mr. Mathew Varghese MC Representative 65160256
Visual Media
Mr. Robu Thomas Convener 97274220
Mr. Titus Mathew Jt. Convener 94447563
Mr. Siby Alexander MC Representative 99870429
Mr. Saju George Convener 65663305
Mr. Thomas Mathew (Binu) Jt. Convener 97689423
Mr. Joby Abraham Jt. Convener 66159727
Mr. Biju Yohannan MC Representative 66570540
Mr. Mathew George Convener 65071602
Mr. Kuriakose Paul Jt. Convener 66997195
Mr. Jose Varghese Jt. Convener 66774725
Mr. Ninan John MC Representative 66898264
Mr. Siji Thaivila Vadakethil Convener 50118400
Mr. Mammen Geevarghese Jt. Convener 97953260
Mr. Jijo George Jt. Convener 97245591
Mr.Kurien K.O MC Representative 99609521
Mr. Aby Joy MC Representative 97859516