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Our church choirs are comprised of talented singers. And they participate in the Holy Mass and other Christian programs. We have four choir groups. You can hear the Holy Mass Hymns sung by our choir by clicking on the hymn name below. We hope the lyrics and audio will help our children to learn and sing the hymns.

With a view to enable our kids to learn and practice, passion week hymns are also included.

Choir - 2019-20

Choir 2018-19 
Choir Coordinator  Mathai Varghese  97824033
Chruch (Senior Choir Master)  Blessen Scariah Mammen 67059143
Salmiya Choir Master  John Varghese  99551577
Sunday School Choir Master  M. U .Mathews 66168012
English Choir Master  Biju Jacob Varghese  99786108
Passion Week Hymns
Holy Mass Hymns
(Lyrics & Audio)
Dhanya mathave
Velivu niranjo reesho
Nin mathaavu visudhanmmaar
Paulose sleeha dhanyan-cholkette-nithe-vam
Anpudayone Nin Vathil
Agnimayanmaararee nokki viracheedunnu