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01-May Commemoration of St James the Apostle (Son of Zebedee)
03-May Commemoration of Baselios Paulose I Catholicos (Pampakuda Cheriyapally)
06-May Fifth Sunday after Easter
08-May Feast of St.John the Apostle
10-May Ascension of our Lord, Feast of Saint Simon the Zealot, Commemoration of Marthoma V (Niranam Valiyapally).
13-May Sunday before Pentecost, Sunday School day
15-May Feast of St. Mary for good crops
16-May Commemoration of HG Yuhanon Mar Severios (Zion Seminary Chapel, Koratty)
19-May Commemoration of HG Mar Divanasios III (Punnathra) Metropolitan (Kottayam Cheriyapally)
20-May Pentecost
25-May Golden Friday (Friday after Pentecost)
26-May Commemoration of HH Baselios Marthoma Didymus I Catholicos (Pathanapuram Mount Tabor)
27-May First Sunday after Pentecost


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