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George ,Kuwait
It would me nice if u could modify the home page and make it a little attractive like in the background there is a nice picture of the holy alter. Like that.
Immanuel varghese ,Salmiya
I would like to put in a suggestion. It would be good if the Friday service time was reduced . At the moment is too lengthy and hence stressful . Or is it just to keep the monopoly of blocking the time 8:30 to 11-15 am , the church decides to keep the service this long . We are living in an era where even the 50 over cricket game has given way to T20 . Just a suggestion though
George Thomas(Pettayil),Thumpamon,Kerala.
This website came a long way since it started. The present people are maintaining it well.we ,the ex parishioners ,find it very comfortable when we see some old faces and feel proud of it . Informative. Good work.....all the best....
It would be very helpful if you could put the end times for the services published. In all you programs, you mention start time, Please be kind enough to put in the end time as well.
Rinu Thundiyil Zachariah,Abbassiya
Good web site but so many years same design please change the design and color. Please put the Golden Jubilee link and update the upcoming programs list.
The member addition page was a nice one and should not have been removed. It should have been kept with the facility to upload the documents. Once viewed and approved by the Vicar/responsible personnel, it should be added automatically. This would save a lot of time and manual work.
Kuriakose Paul,Abbassiya
Excellent and very informative, God bless all of them behind this.
Aby Mathew, Kozhuvalloor,Abbassiya, Kuwait
I congratulate your efforts for such a good web site. best wishes to all . Very good(color , style) and nice photos of H. week, Outstanding work,keep it up.May God bless you all... especially my hearty thank to shajichaya for his unparalleled work
Jacob Chacko ,USA
Excellent website. Glad to see how a small church has grown. Very fond memories of NEC church from 1960s through 1980! Keep it up.
Sunny Pappachen,Abbassiya
This is very good site, Congratulations to all people behind this web site which is user and friendly for everybody, Keep it up, God Bless you.
Fr. Jobby Peter,Bokaro, Jharkhand
One of the best and very informative site. A matrimonial corner (like for job vacancy) if included for the church members will be very helpful in the coming future. Excellent work. Keep it up. God bless the Mahaedavaka.
IT is a good website with all the info needed, keep up the good work. Just wanted to tell that the "PLAY SONG" feature is not working .
Sunil Thomas Varghese,Kuwait
Congratulations to all people behind this web site which is very user friendly and informative. The E-parish users are still around 800 and this needs initiative in parayer group level to add all the computer literate parish members to use the E-parish.
Babu Pappachan, Allummootil, Puthoor, kollam,Kuwait
First of all I congratulate your efforts for such a good web site. best wishes to all the members for activates and future plans.
Very good site, please change the main page periodically (color and style)
Jacob Cherian,Kuwait
Outstanding work,keep it up.
Jincy Annie Mathew,Kuwait
Good Work.. keep up the good work!!!
Very Good Site. This site gives us a lot of information about the job vacency in kuwait.I appreciate all those people who r working for this effort.God bless you
Thomas John M,Kuwait
Lets all pray for the success of the Second Gulf youth conference being held at Kuwait. May God Bless each one of you...
susan mathew,kuwait
Please include the photo of H.B. The Catholicose Designate in the photo gallery in the top
Bibin Mathai,Kuwait
Excellent site!Very informative!Hearty congratulations to all behind this great venture!Keep up the good work! God Bless
renji john,kuwait
nice work kep it up
Mathews Abraham,Kuwait
Very informative and interesting site.
Abraham Daniel,Kuwait
Very nice site need moreinformation about church
Thanks for the web pages on Reflections for today. As I am not able to read the web pages regularly, I can read it when I get the connection once in a while. Thanks.
Please could you help me to get to read the previous postings done at Reflection for Today section on the web page. Is it possible to read the previous prayers and bible analysis? Hope you will answer to my query. Thanks.
Please include the Latest Photo of the Catholicate of the East, along with the brief history which should be good for all web site readers. Thanks.
It was a good to have the option from the Guest Book to get back to Members Area. Thanks for the change and including the additional Option.
There should be option for the members to view the Birthday list and Marriage day list after log in with this website in members area. Thanks.
Atlast here, there was something good to read while searching thru the web. It was wonderful to read through the -Reflection for Today. Thanks to Rev.Fr.Jobby and all others behind this effort.
The new addition - Todays Prayer - This is a good addition to the web page. Thanks to all the members working behind the scene.
In the lectionary there should be an option to click and read the mentioned bible verses from a Authorised KJ Version. Hope you get the time to add this feature to the web site. Thanks.
Please correct to the new name --> Our Parish At A Glance - Diocese - Culcatta -->> Kolkatta. Hope you will do the necessary and reply.Thanks.
Thomas John M,Kuwait
Unique Occassion for this Year 2005. This Year the Vachanipuu Perunal and Good Friday coincides on the same Day ie March 25th. This is occurring after 55 years. Last occured in 1950 April 7th. This will again occur in the following years,2016,2157,2168,2214,2225 & 2236.Normally the Holy Qurbana is not offered on GOOD FRIDAYS. But in this special occassion Holy qurbana is offered and then Good Fridays services will start. GOD BLESS YOU.
happy onam
Parish notice board should be made visible on screen with a click on the heading without the messages scrolling, so that messages can be read at the readers speed.
Please include the Mareena Hall location under menu General Information - Location Maps also.
Zacharia Philip,Kuwait
Reminder service is very useful. Can you include a job application also.I think you have email of all the members. Forward the job applications to the members so that a member can help the other member. You guys are doing a great job. God bless you
Thomas George,Kuwait
Upcoming Events page is very useful. Events for the month can be viewed at a glance. Congrats to the webmaster.
Sunil Abraham,Kuwait
First i take this opportunity to congratulate all those who have put their sincere efforts behind this great project. If you ask me about my very honest opinion, the following would be my remarks: Pros: 1. I really appreciate the web tools used for drilling down information to every detail. 2. Its a great help tracking down the payment status of subscriptions provided it is updated frequently. 3. Worldwide access which gives an opportunity for others to participate in debates and forums online. Cons: 1. The yellow color used for email links are too bright to be noticed. 2. The overall web design needs a face lift using professional pallette and designs. 3. Can include online polls to collect views of christians over various issues. Overall i would rate this over a scale of 6/10 and which gives enough room for improvement. Again, I thank all of them, who have dedicated their most valuable time with great perseverance in building this wonderful website. Best of luck!!!
Kadavil Varghese,Kuwait
"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."(Mark 16:15). Good work
Mathews Abraham Zachariah (Anil, Thiruvalla),Kuwait
You team have been doing a good job and ,if possible, try to add all Songs from Holy Qurbana.
Thomas John M,Kuwait
Excellent work Done. May you be Blessed by the LORD who made HEAVEN & Earth. Psalms 115:15.Let this site help each one of us to know GOD ALMIGHTY in a better way and SERVE HIM with all our MIGHT. GOD BLESS YOU.
its avery wonderful job that you have done please make it more creative and it got such lovely songs well done to pleople who are behink this
p.s. yohannan - Koodal,kuwait
CONGRATULATIONS, WELL DONE, THANKS FOR EVERYBODY BEHIND THE EFFORT. Sug:The pic. of the H.H. cahtolicos is not much gracefull
Koshy Thomas Parampil,Kuwait
Congragulation and Best Wishes
Kadavil Varghese Jacob,Kuwait
This is very nice site. CONGRATULATIONS.
Members may be knowing correctly about our faith, worship and traditions we follow. But some may not know at all due to their choices. Hope the scholars will help every member in their doubts through this site. As Questions are asked for different reasons like: i)a CHILD asks a question to LEARN ii)a TEACHER asks a question and already has the information, to PROVIDE the information to everyone iii)in a GROUP with biblical scholars online, members can share their questions so as to REFRESH - CORRECT the information they have learned. Hope this feature is added with more information regularly. There should be inclusion of all the hymns and lyrics, we use in our worship and devotion as music option, so that everyone can listen and learn them.
The site should help the people staying in Kuwait who may be unemployed to find a job by providing the oppurtunity. If any member of the church can extend their knowledge in this regard through an option in this web site it would be of good help. Hope this will be added to this web site soon.
This website is good. This web site should have more details of the various sacraments like baptism & marriage also. There should be details of our faith & belief and also a detailed comparision with other christian churches. This may of be of good help to everyone.
Good site, Congrulations, keep it updated with with programmes. Thanks
biny susan mammen,kuwait
well done may god shower his blessing on this site guide us
Abraham P. George,kuwait
Excellent and very informative