Welcome to NEW Online Membership Register. You can now search parish members details on www.iocq8.org website. The information available is based on our official Parish Register. You may see some information gap between last published parish directory or the existing website information. In case of discrepancy, please update through online form available in the members login area or download the membership change/update form from website and submit to Parish office. The update forms will be processed at parish office and the details will be available on website later.

You can search the member details by phone number, by name, by church registration number, by local address and many moreÖ

You can view your latest payment details, arrears (if you have anything) and important church documents through this new online facility. You can change photograph / family photograph, email options etc.

You have to login to e-parish to avail these informationís online.

According to our new membership system, Please note the below changes.

Your Church Registration ID has been changed to 5 character long from 4 character
For e.g. your id was S155, now changed to S0155 (an extra zero came to the second position)
Accordingly your Login ID has been changed from S155 to S0155.

Password will remain same. Click on Forget Password, if you donít remember your password. Click on Apply New Password, if you are a new user to e-parish. If your email id has not registered with Parish, please send a request to webmaster@iocq8.org.

You can view your payment details from 2014-15 Financial year. (Arrears details will be upto the year).

Any queries regarding your payment details, contact, Parish Treasurer. For any further assistance, contact Parish office bearers or Parish webmaster.

The daily celebrant (Birth day & Wedding day) and parish announcement emails will be continued from the website db for a while, later this will be switch to new membership register, So Please update your records as soon as possible.

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