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Under the guidance of H.G.Dr.Stephanos Mar Theodosius, our diocese is carrying out a variety of charity projects for the uplift of the poor and illiterate people in the northern states of India. 
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Abhaya Nikethan
Rural Mission Center
(A Sub Unit of St.Thomas Mission, Bhilai)
Makodia, Hirankeda P.O., Hoshangabad - 461221
Madhyapredesh, India
Phone: 07572-73764, 73704

Our Aim
Growth of Villages - Growth of India
Uplift of Villagers - Development of India

Abhaya Niketan true to its meaning “house/guide of the needy” is a actively working non-government voluntary organisation. It’s prime aim is the upliftment of the poor and needy population of M.P , particulary for Women and Children.

This organisation first started it’s work in Makodia village of Seoni block in the district of Hosangabad, way back in the year 1986 with the following objectives.

1. To impart education through Balwadis / Anganwadis.
2. Empowerment of girl child.
3. Fight ill-health & malnutrition through community health centre / clinic.
4. Small income generating facility to tribal women by providing training.
5. Safe motherhood (80%) of the pregnant women registered with local health facility for receiving anti-natal care & iron supplementation.
6. Access to safe drinking water.
7. Adult education.


1. Abhaya Niketan Community Centre is functioning ceaselessly, especially to minimize the death rate. A resident RMPs available at the clinic for providing health assistance/guidance to the villagers. Abhaya Niketan also provides treatment of common childhood illness and preventive measures such as immunization, health and nutrition, education to the beneficiaries.

2. Mobile Clinic Services- the Abhaya Niketan Comm. Health Centre organizes a Mobile Clinic Services so as to penetrate the interior isolated and remotest regions and make available the required medical facility. This is an effective measure to reach out to the otherwise inaccessible areas.

3. Medical Check-up Camps- Doctors from Bhopal and Hoshangabad visit the villages of Kesla and Seoni-Malwa and arrange free medical camps for the benefit of beneficiaries. The help and cooperation of health departments and govt. doctors are also utilized for these camps. These camps provide all the necessary medications to the people. Till date 2959 beneficiaries have taken the advantage of these camps, which include 803 males, 942 females and 1214 children.

4. Monthly Health Day- Monthly Health Days are observed so that people are continuously inspired to lead a health conscious life.

5. Balawadi/Anganwadi- The focus of Balawadi and Anganwadi is to provide basic or elementary education. At present balawadies are operational over 72 villages of Seoni, Malwa and Kesla Block of Hoshangabad district. Free education is provided to the poor tribal children through these balawadies. These organization also ensure the all round developmentof the children.

6. Hindi Medium School- With the aim to bring up the literacy level in and around the village, a primary school has been functioning at Dawakala Village since 1991. About 2km away from Makodia this School aims at imparting formal education to the children. At present this school has 145 children enrolled with 9 teachers.

7. Health Education- To instill a sense of awareness and consciousness with regard to health and hygiene, a Health education programme is carried out. Specially conducted for the women and adolescent girls, this programme throws light on topics such as immunization, ante-natal care, sanitation and malnutrition. This eventually increases the proportion of women practicing health behaviors which promotes health and survival and prevent illness and death.

8. Awareness Classes- Apart from health education various other aspects which influence our life, are highlighted. Education regarding their political rights, human rights, means of self-employment, etc. are highlighted/imparted from time to time.

9. Food Commodity Monitoring- Majority of these villages live below poverty line. Taking this aspect into consideration, a programme to distribute ‘Take Home Ration’ is conducted. This programme is carried out every Tuesday. Besides this the FEW supervises and monitors the fair distribution of the ‘Take Home Ration’.

10. Capacity Building- Capacity Building is a monthly two day programme, chalked out for the field workers to evaluate and discuss their plan of action. It also gives them ground to make decisions regarding the future course of action and to analyse the Programme Management and Organizational Management.

11. Workshop for Panchayat Members- Workshops for the executive head of every village i.e the Sarpanch and Panchs are organized so that solutions may be found for the existing problems, also to enhance the capability of better decision making.

12. Dai Training (Traditional Birth Attendant Training)- Taking into consideration the rate of Maternal deaths due to untrained birth attendants and unqualified health personnels, a Dai Training session is organized. This has minimized the rate of maternal death and enhanced safe delivery for village women.

13. Home Visit- Besides this, the field staff is also engaged in home visits in the villages. This provides an opportunity to come face to face with people’s problems. Direct contacts are established with beneficiaries to make use of the fore mentioned benefits.

14. Self Help Group- It is a concept in which individuals joins as a group to identify the existing problems, its solutions, their priority and ultimately with collective thinking and efforts, manage their needs. At present it is functioning in Makodia , Bandri, Parcha, Tangna, Matapura, and Dhamania.


1. Lack of Conveyance.
2. Inaccessible to villages in monsoon.
3. Barriers like Caste system.
4. Preconceived harmful practices and superstitious beliefs.
5. Non availability of beneficiaries.
6. Lack of sufficient funds.
7. Few vehicles for conveyance, i.e delay in covering remote areas.


1. Identification of the requirements of the villages and accomplishing them with the help of community programmes.
2. Initiation of the income generation programme by self help group.
3. Conducting feasibility study.
4. Strengthening governments and N.G.O’s effort along with the elected bodies in the field of health care.
5. Motivate the people to enroll the children in primary school.
6. Regular visits of health professionals under a structural time schedule on a village basis.


Monthly expense of one worker:IRS.3,750
Monthly expense of one Balavadi:IRS:5,200
Monthly expense of Hospital:IRS:8,500

1. By remembering the Abhayan Niketan in your daily prayers.
2. By exploring the mission work.
3. By giving suggestions and guidances.
4. By donating facilities and equipment for Abhaya Niketan Hospital.
5. By paying visits.
6. By sponsoring a worker.
7. By sponsoring a Balawadi.
8. Contributing monthly Hospital expenses.

Donation through Cheque/Draft should be send in favour of
"Abhaya Niketan,Bhopal" to the below mentioned address:-
Fr.Shaji Mukadiyil
President,Abhaya Niketan
St.Thomas Orthodox Cathedral
60,Ashoka Garden,Govindpura
Bhopal,M.P. 462023.