Mar Gregorios Movement Home
MGM Kuwait is one of the spiritual movements of the parish. The need of an  organized set up during the early eighties of like-minded members of the Church was the root cause leading to the formation of MGM. In early 1984, the then active members of the above group gathered together and unanimously decided to form the Movement, in the name of our Patron Saint, Mar Gregorios of Parumala, in whose name the Kuwait Parish was established in 1956.

The registration formalities went through many hardships, until it was officially inaugurated on 7th April 1989, by the them President of the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement of the East, H.G.Geevarghese Mar Osthasthios, with the permission of the Diocesan Metropolitan H.G.Dr.Stephanos Mar Theodosius. The strength of the MGM family has grown over the years.

Within its constraints, MGM extends charitable donations and works from the voluntary contributions of its members and well wishers. MGMs helpful wings are extended over the really needy and downtrodden, in the outreaching society, and it reaches only the deserving cases. MGM keeps up its commitments to the healthy causes and deeds.

The MGM family does not concentrate only on the charity and service to the society, but also contributes to the socio-cultural activities by taking real pains to develop the gifted talents of its members, friends and well wishers. We have conducted charity bazaars, festivals, picnics etc., with variety entertainments and other extra curricular activities, in order to boost the artistic skills and morale of our members and the younger generation of MGM.

Taking into consideration the participation facilities of our members, spiritual meetings are arranged every quarterly at the NEC premises or any other suitable venue. The dedication, organization and hard work of its members is the rock of our foundation, and it also forms the back bone for the stability and unity of the movement, amidst all its diversities.

We are very much thankful to the Almighty for His abundant Blessings to enable us to work for the poor and the needy in the past. We pray for His continued mercy and for His Grace to be upon use, to help our brotherhood and all mankind, and make this world a smaller and better place.